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Oh Honey do I ever...

enjoy helping you celebrate your new life together, or simply renewing vows of a blissful life shared.

Every cake is made to your specifications.

The flavor of the cake, the handmade frosting, the accents and embellishments, all designed in partnership with you and yours. No order is too small (or to large). Wedding cakes can be made in a variety of flavors.

Some favorite cake flavors are:

Champagne Cake

White Cake

Lemon Cake

Carrot Cake

Spice Cake

Mocha Fudge

Chocolate Cake

Cherry Bliss

Orange Delight

I will be turning my "shop" over to a Blog starting in 2020. I will be covering "how to" techniques, my favorite products and recipes. I would love to hear your ideas and questions for content.

Don't see your favorite flavor?

Prices for Wedding & Event Cakes

The following are starting prices ONLY. All prices are subject to change without a signed contract. Each cake is unique and therefore priced accordingly. Size, Shape, Type of Frosting, Decoration and Degree of Difficulty will determine the final price.



See cake page for standard cake pricing.

Wedding Cake Pricing:

Since weddings come in every size and budget, so do my cakes. I strive to create cakes to meet any wish and at the same time, any budget.

The majority of the pricing for your cake is based on the design work crafted on the outside. Because of this, I have set up some ranges that run from lowest to highest prices according to the number of servings and design.

These prices may include some fondant work, but all fondant work is by personal consultation and quote only.

Wedding Cake Price List:

Servings   Prices

35           $88 - $174

50           $122 - $231

75           $151 - $297

100         $191 - $377

125         $230 - $456

150         $275 - $524

200         $359 - $700

250         $412 - $875

300         $478 - and up

350        $629 - and up

400        $734 - and up

All cakes are priced with vanilla, chocolate or marble.

Money Talk:

If you are paying by personal check, a non-refundable deposit of $75 is required to save your date.

Half of the total is due 90 days out from the event date. With the balance due no less than thirty (30) days prior to your reception date. You may pay in cash up to seven days prior to your date.

The details:

If you cancel your wedding cake order for any reason, seventy-five dollars ($75) is non-refundable. All other monies paid will be refunded by business check within seven (7) business days.

If your wedding cake order is canceled less than ninety (90) days from the designated wedding date, you shall not receive any refund.

Should you cancel your original wedding date and move it to another date, there will be no cancellation fee with a minimum of a four-week notice.


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